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Despina Vandi (real name Despina Malea) was born on July 22, 1969 in Stuttgart-Tübingen, Germany. She is a Greek singer famous mainly in Greece and Europe Although Despina Vandi was born in Germany, Vandi's family was from Kavala, Greece, She and her family moved there when she was at the age of six. She has one brother and an older sister. But she didn’t learn German. She always dreamed of becoming an actress or a singer. Living in a low class family she knew that she should had background education. So she studied psychology, philosophy, and education at the University of Thessaloniki At the start of her singing, Despina changed her last name to Vandi, to hide from her parents that she was singing. Despina Vandi got married to Demis Nikolaidis. He is an ex-international soccer player and former President of AEK soccer club. She has a five year old daughter named Melina and a son named Giorgos born in August 2007. Despina Vandi is a Greek singer. She is famous mainly in Greece and Cyprus. She began her musical career in 1994 after signing with Minos EMI. Despina Vandi. She is blessed with a striking voice and she is very talented. No doubt she is one of the most talented and popular artists. She is one of the successful artists in Greece, and in the history of Greek Music.

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